the instructors

Catherine Batcho:

Owner Cut & Sew Studio. Please see my bio and a sampling of my work here

Sophie Hood:

- Costume Production

Sophie Hood graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a Masters in Costume Production. Sophie is trained in patterning, draping, tailoring, millinery, fabric painting, dyeing, and modification, and crafts (including mask making, armor, jewelry, etc), and is particularly interested in exploring the integration of technology into textiles. Sophie has worked as a stitcher at Krostyne Studio, a Pittsburgh-based Costuming Studio (making clothing for Broadway, Boston Ballet, and other theaters around the country), and taught Stagecraft at Carnegie Mellon. She currently works freelance, making costumes and custom clothing for private clients, while teaching at Cut and Sew Studio. With a background in sculpture and metal-work, Sophie decided to pursue costuming and clothing construction because of her interest in performance art and wearable sculpture. Sophie is inspired by the beauty and detail of historic clothing and seeks to integrate traditional techniques into new and interesting art and clothing. She hopes to share this passion with others through teaching, keeping the craft of sewing fresh and exciting! For more information please visit her website at  Sophie began teaching at Cut & Sew Studio in the fall of 2014.

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- Costume Designer, Costume Illustrator, Painter and Dyer

SuSu graduated from Carnegie Mellon University, with masters degree in costume design.  Most recently , Susu was chief in charge of the costume craft department for The Winter’s Tale (fall 2015, Quantum theater), and designed costume for the production Mr. Joy ( winter 2014-2015, City Theatre).
She holds a BFA in scenic design, and was an assistant costume designer for the clothing ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Susu has been a lifelong painter.  She also works as a teaching assistant for the fabric painting and dying class at Carnegie Mellon University.  SuSu will start teaching fashion rendering classes at Cut & Sew Studio in January 2016.

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