Kids Classes/Camps


Summer Camp Schedule Below


Please see UPDATED MASK POLICY starting in mid-March 2023.

For kids classes masks are now optional.  And please read the updated section titled Kids Classes & Camps specifics due to COVID-19 on the FAQs page prior to signing up.  You will be asked to declare you have read this page and agree to it.  Please note that Firecracker Fabrics still currently has a mask policy so if you plan to shop at Firecracker please bring a mask for shopping.  And please check their page for updates on their mask policy going forward.


Join our fun kids' events offered throughout the year!  During the school year, we offer classes for students as young as 6 through 8th grade as a regular weekly sewing class.  High school students can choose to join an adult class, or if they are comfortable may also join a kids' class.  During the summer, camps are offered for students from 6 years up through senior in high school.

Sorry, there are no options for full day summer camp.  Camps are 1/2 day only.

June 12th week - AM Intro to Sewing (FULL)
__________________ PM Plushy Camp (FULL)
June 19 week -    AM Intro to Sewing (FULL)
July 10 week -     AM Intro to Sewing (FULL)
__________________PM I Spy Quilt Camp (FULL)
July 17 week -    PM Summer Dress (FULL)
_________________ PM Intro to Sewing (FULL)
July 24 week -   AM Choose Your Own Adventure Camp (FULL)
July 31 week -   AM Intro to Sewing (FULL)
_________________ PM All About Pets (3 open spots)
Aug 7 week -   AM Intro to Sewing (OPEN for SIGNUP)
_________________ PM Patchwork Skirt (& T-shirt Dress) (FULL)

When shopping for supplies...

Firecracker Fabrics is open for in person and online shopping.  Please check their social media page for updates on shop hours, and signup for their newsletter!  Exclusive deals and coupons available to those who subscribe to their newsletter.  **NOTE For parents - when shopping for classes or camps, if you shop at Firecracker Fabrics they are a small shop and it is helpful if you do not plan to shop in large groups or with friends to make for an easier shopping experience. Thank you so much!