Kids Weekly Late Fall Intro To Sewing

Perfect for beginner level students who have not sewn before (or with very little experience). All new students grades 1-8 will make a pillow, drawstring backpack, and PJ pants. (this is a slightly shorter series than the regular 8 session series, it runs for 6 sessions Nov-Dec)


Recommended Experience Level: No Experience – Beginner/Newbie



  • 1/2 yard Fabric A (must be non-stretch, med-weight woven fabric. No thick fleece,faux-fur, velvet etc. Must be easy fabric for beginner sewer, cotton quilting fabric, canvas or home decor fabric is fine). This fabric will be used for two of the squares on the front of the pillow. It will also be used for half of or the entire back of the pillow.
  • 1/2 yard Fabric B (same notes as above-use contrast or coordinating fabric, whatever you like together!). This fabric will be used for 2 of the squares on the front of the pillow only (possibly ½ of back of the pillow).
  • 1 spool of all-purpose thread to match
  • one 16″ pillow form.


  • 3/4 yard of cotton quilting fabric or similar fabric – non-stretch
  • Grommets – 3/8″ in size (it will say 3/8″ on package) – typically in silver or gold. There will usually be more in the package then needed, but you need 2 sets – so if siblings or friends are in a class together they can share them if it’s a larger package
  • Cord — 4 yards- something to use for drawstring cord (not too thick, about ¼” diameter). (for tiny/short students you will need 3.5 yards only)
  • 1 spool of ALL-PURPOSE thread to match

PROJECT #3 – PJ Pants

  • 2.25 yards of woven fabric (or 1 yard for PJ shorts)
  • 1 yard of 3/4″ wide elastic
  • thread

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