Classes are currently postponed/cancelled due to the COVID-19 Stay at home order.  If your class has been cancelled you may request a refund, save as a credit, or use towards VIRTUAL CLASSES! Yes, Cut & Sew is offering virtual lessons - please contact me for more details!  Private and group offerings available.  You can see some of the virtual offering below.  Currently however we are experiencing some issues with orders being placed online for some customers, so if you want to sign up and cannot, just shoot me an email and we will get it squared away!

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Embroidery Essentials

Interested in learning embroidery basics or need a little help with some advanced embroidery techniques? Got a kit you’ve never gotten around to starting?

Bag Making

If you are loving all the amazing bag patterns out there but need some guidance through the complex details then you will want to join us in this bag making series. The best part, you choose the pattern!

All Well Bucket Bag

Join local maker Amy Bornman from All Well Workshop as she shows you how to make her All Well Bucket Bag