Open Studio

Independent sewing time and use of studio machines, tables, and tools.

What To Expect

Open studio is an independent work time (without instructors) where anyone with basic to advanced skills can come with friends to work on a project, get advice from fellow students, have fun and sew! Don't want to cut out your fabric on the floor or a small table at home? Come and use our large cutting tables. Is your machine not working? Come and use ours! However, if you need instruction on your project, you will need to sign up for a formal class or an Assisted Open Studio Workshop.


In order to attend open studio, you must have taken a class or lesson at Cut & Sew Studio or you will need to sign up for a short "certification" lesson so that you will be comfortable using the equipment available to you. You may also choose to come to the Assisted Open Studio Workshop so that someone will be there for your questions (machine or project related!) The serger is available for use on a first come first serve basis unless you request to reserve it on a particular day for open studio. If you are not totally comfortable with the serger (meaning you understand how to use and thread it) you will need to take a certification lesson on using it and threading it so that you are prepared for open studio use. To find out about attending a certification class, please email or call the studio.

No open studio hours currently.
In our effort to keep up with disinfecting and cleaning the studio for classes we are currently not running open studio. This will allow us to more easily schedule regular cleanings for all classes. Thank you.