Sandhill Sling

This is an intermediate-advanced level bag using a pattern.

Level: Intermediate, Advanced
Time: 6-8 class sessions


    • Sandhill Sling pattern available from Firecracker
    • 5/8 yard Exterior Fabric
    • 5/8 yard Lining Fabric (includes interior pocket)
    • 1 ¼ yards Fusible Woven Interfacing (Pellon SF101-20”)
    • (1) 18”/40.6 cm head-to-head handbag zipper*(see note below) for top closure (does not have to have the 2 pulls, either works, not metal!)
    • (1) 10”/25.4 cm handbag zipper*^ for front pocket closure (a regular all-purpose zipper will work fine, not metal!)
    • 1”-wide d-ring AND 1 ½”-wide strap slider AND 1 ½”-wide swivel snap *see note below
    • 1 ½ yards of 1 ½”-wide cotton or poly webbing for strap

* For my bag I used the Sally Tomato zipper by the yard, which is enough to do both of the zips, plus I still have plenty left over to make more bags later!  I highly recommend.   It has a metal look but isn’t metal so you can still cut it to size and sew over it. You can also use a regular zipper – it DOES NOT have to be a “handbag zipper” with two pulls! Zippers should not be metal as you will need to sew across them!

*Note for Hardware – You are welcome to use a 1.5″ D ring on the bag instead of the 1″ D ring if you would like to make it easier since kit packages keep the same size products together and this will save on supplies needed to be ordered.  We can very easily adjust pattern for this.  Everything else (including the webbing size) will still stay the same.

Recommended Fabrics: Canvas (8-10 oz. weight) for exterior fabric. Quilting cotton  for lining.

Additional supplies + tools:
2 small spools or 1 large spool Polyester thread
¼ yard of ¼”-wide elastic (optional for interior pocket)