Stuffy/Plushy Patterns

This is a fantastic source of free stuffy sewing patterns.  Some of them we will need to modify as we do not have machine embroidery capabilities. But these patterns can be used as a starting point.  FREE PATTERNS HEREThere are varied levels of complexity to these patterns, so if your child is still pretty beginner level please check in advance with your stuffy choice.

**We suggest doing the STARTER PLUSH PACK first to learn the skills needed and to get comfortable with the shapes and fabrics used.

For very beginner students – we suggest starting with the frog which is the level 1 project in the starter pack then moving to each next level to build on the skills.


For more complex stuffy patterns for the more advanced student see the available for purchase patterns. HERE

Time: Varies by project
Level: Varies by project, mostly intermediate- advanced
Supplies: Varies by project.  You will need to download (and purchase if necessary) the pattern and check the requirements.  Studio does have scraps of felt available for use for applique of face details

For each project you will need:

1) your main body fabric, and if there are any contrast fabrics needed.  We do have felt the students will use for facial features such as eyes and mouth so you do not need to purchase anything for that.  The starter plushy pack instruction sheet has a whole section that explains the pros and cons of various fabrics that you can look over to help with fabric choices.  The easiest choice is quilting cotton, although it won’t be full or feel plushy.  Next would be a woven flannel which would also be easy to use and sew, but create a softer plush.  The final option would be a fleece or other plush fabric like minky (minky has the greatest challenge for sewing) for a greater challenge although they make a wonderful stuffed toy. If your child is very young or new to sewing I suggest starting with quilting cotton or flannel first, then moving on to the plush fabrics.
2) Also helpful but optional, a double sided fusible web adhesive to iron the features on before sewing such as heat and bond
3) All-purpose thread
4) small bag Poly fill
5) Printed pattern and instructions (color not needed)