T-Shirt Dress

This is a great way to use an existing item of clothing and turn it into something new!  It’s beginner friendly as well!

Level: Beginner
Time Needed: about 2 sessions, some students who are fast could finish in 1 session!


Bring in at least 2 of your t-shirts that you would like to turn into a dress – you will bring a few options so the instructor can help you decide which would be best in terms of the fit.  The t-shirt should be a little loose fitting and not something you have outgrown that is too tight.  You can bring your own t-shirt or get a new t-shirt if you prefer or something from a thrift shop you would like to recreate!

* for students with up to a 28″ waist size, 1/2 yard quilting cotton for a knee length skirt.  If your child is tall or wants a bit longer skirt you can purchase 3/4 yard.

* for students over 28″ waist size get 1 yard of fabric for knee length skirt or 1.5 yards for taller student or longer skirt length

1 spool of all-purpose thread