Zippered Hoodie

This is a great intermediate to advanced pattern. Pattern is available at the studio and student can trace a copy to use for this project.
Available in size 2months- 12 years

Level : Intermediate – Advanced
Time Needed: 6-8 sessions

  •  1 1/4 yards of the main fabric plus 1/2 yard to line the hood. This can all be the same fabric or you can do contrast
  • plus a separating jacket zipper – zipper length determined by the size so please check in advance (we can shorten as needed as long as it’s not metal. Size 10 uses a 21″ zipper.  And zipper by the yard would be a great fun option if your child likes the look of a metal zipper without being metal.
  • thread, 1-2 spools
  • choose a sweatshirt fleece of some kind (preferably not a slinky knit).

*Please prewash/dry fabric to preshrink!  Sweatshirt fleeces usually shrink!