Project Supply Lists

Here are some of our favorite class projects which you can sort by level or type of project.  Supplies are listed as well!  And as always feel free to search for your own ideas online and send us what your child would like to make so we can review your choice prior to class and make sure you understand what supplies are needed.  Please do not assume that Firecracker will be able to help you with choosing an appropriate skill level of pattern (garment or otherwise).  They will not know your child's abilities so it is better to check in with the studio before shopping.

You can also search through the patterns on Firecracker's website and if you find one that you like just send it to me before for approval.  Joann Fabrics also has a lot of kids sewing patterns, you can search those patterns at or Here.  Etsy is also a good resource for patterns.

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  • Stuffy/Pillow

Bolster Pet Bed

tshirt dress

T-Shirt Dress


Patchwork Skirt


Olive Dress


Classic Fanny Pack


Simple/Flat Fanny Pack

range backpack

Range Backpack


Making Backapack


Pixie Dress


Firefly Tote


Compass Bag

pieced pillow _2

Pieced Pillow