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So if you’re going to make your own clothes – let’s make them fit you right!  If you find fit a challenge and would like help making items that fit you well, or if your measurements are not standard (who’s are?) and you need help altering the pattern then this is the class for you!  Choose at least one pattern (although more advanced students may choose to work on a different pattern each week!) and receive guidance through a process of creating a muslin fit sample, fitting the garment and altering the pattern.

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Instructor: Brad Mumpower

Recommended Experience Level: Intermediate to Advanced.  You should already have some experience with using patterns, this should not be the first garment you have ever made in this class. Any questions, feel free to ask!

Supply List:
One or more store bought patterns – if you don’t have one – Firecracker has lots to choose from. Best choices are something with a bit more construction or fit to analyze that you need help with…you wouldn’t necessarily need to make a muslin fit sample of a loose fitting knit tshirt…but a jacket, pants, or shirt or more complex dress…something you would like to test out in fit stage prior to making in actual fabric.  Basically anything that you find the fit a challenge for your body or that you want to see in sub fabric before going into your “good” fabric!
You will also need muslin or suitable sub fabric to use for pattern
Any other supplies needed (thread, notions)

Please also note that if you want to trace off your pattern in your size you should do so in advance of the class to save time.  However, if you would like help on sizing (such as if you are between sizes or are one size in the bust and something else in the hip and waist!….then you can get assistance on that in class, just plan to bring your tracing paper)

Please note there are various ways to use this class.  If you are more advanced you may choose to create your muslin fit sample at home and then fit and work on pattern in class.  If you are not quite ready for that…you may choose to make the muslin in class and work on fit and pattern and if time permits also work on constructing finished garment.  The garment chosen and your level of skill or what you plan to do at home vs what you want to do in class….will determine how much you can accomplish in class.  I have had students do this class and work on one style only…muslin, fit, pattern and then at least start construction if not complete.  And I have had other students who make a new muslin for each week’s class.  Totally up to you!

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Jan 25, Feb 1, 8, 15 (3-6pm)