So let’s face it – we all hate shopping for jeans – so why not make your own custom fit jeans and put an end to the shopping madness!  Don’t let the the fly zipper or all the top-stitching scare you away!  In this class you will have the opportunity to work on perfecting the fit of your jeans prior to completing construction.  Bravely tackle a fly zipper, use the serger to finish your seams and topstitch your way to a professionally finished pair of jeans.  Even learn how to apply jeans hardware!  (Note that outside of class sewing homework may be necessary for the class)

This class is currently not available. Check back soon!

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Instructor: Catherine Batcho
Recommended Experience Level: Intermediate – Advanced (you have made a couple of garments and are at least somewhat comfortable with sewing independently as some outside of class work will be necessary).

Supply List

Jeans Pattern
Please choose from one of several jeans patterns available at Firecracker Fabrics.  The sample I have made is the Ginger Jean by Closet Case Patterns which requires a stretch denim.  However you may choose a different fit or style or one that doesn’t use stretch denim.

Denim Fabric
as specified in yardage requirements on pattern (make sure to check if you need stretch or not).  A pattern that does not need stretch can typically be substituted with a stretch denim!  You MUST prewash and predry your fabric berfore class.  This will help reduce the shrinkage that typically is found in jeans, but will also help to eliminate the excess indigo dye that can get all over your hands and also stain the sewing machines.  Please make sure to prewash at least once

Contrast cotton fabric
for pocket or inside waist band trim

Interfacing – fusible interfacing as specified – for waist band and fly and pocket openings

Thread – Regular all-purpose polyester thread to match fabric (black/blue etc).
Optional: Denim Topstiching thread (gold, or other)

*Firecracker Fabrics sells jeans kits which include 2 denim needles, rivets, 2 jeans buttons and a metal jeans zipper.  This is great to purchase as it includes everything you need for the jeans.  If you think you will skip the rivet and jeans button and just use a regular button you can just purchase the items separately if you like.  See details to follow…

Zipper (metal, length specified by pattern)

Denim/Jeans Needle(s)

NOTE: Although not a requirement, If you have a serger please plan to bring to class with you for finishing seams!  It will be MUCH quicker and stronger than just finishing on the sewing machine.  You will not need this for the first class.

Please note we will go over how to install jeans hardware in class and you will have a chance to try it yourself…however if you prefer you may also choose to use a regular button and skip the rivets.  Up to you, either way it’s a good learning experience to try (even if you try on a sample and not on your own jeans!).
If you choose to purchase these items or a kit of these items(also available at Firecracker) to add to your jeans we will go over installation (But I would suggest purchasing extras so you have lots to practice with since it can be challenging).  A regular button can be applied to the front, or a metal shank button.