Panty Making Workshop


You make your own clothes, why not make your own panties too! And it’s also a great way to use up leftover scraps of knit fabric instead of tossing it in the trash. So join us in this panty making workshop!

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Instructor: Sophie Hood
Recommended Experience Level: Advanced beginner or Intermediate. Must be comfortable using a sewing machine. Does not need prior knit sewing experience however it is helpful.
Supplies Needed:
1) Sophie Hines underwear pattern available at Firecracker Fabrics (available up to size xxl. If you need a larger size you can also purchase the pdf pattern from colette patterns which goes up to size 3x)
2) You may purchase the underwear kit which has enough fabric and supplies to make 2-4 pairs of panties depending on your size This is available at Firecracker. You may also purchase your supplies separately and if you do so will need the following:

SUGGESTED FABRICS Knit fabrics with 50-75% stretch, preferably with a spandex content. Bamboo, Rayon, or blends with Cotton, Lycra, Silk, Spandex, Nylon, Tencel. (100% cotton tends to stretch out quickly and is not great for this!)

Measure stretch by marking out 4” of fabric, then gently stretch to max. 1” stretch = 25% : 2” stretch = 50% : 3” stretch = 75% : 4” stretch = 100%


As specified on the pattern


Waistband and leg openings: 3 yards of fold-over elastic
1 spool of all-purpose thread to match