Pattern Making from a Garment


Learn to take your favorite garment and turn it into a pattern so you can recreate it! And the best part – you do not need to take that garment apart!

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Instructor: Rebekah Joy
Recommended Experience Level: Intermediate. Must have prior garment sewing from a pattern experience. It is good if student has made the type of item they intend to make. (so if you would like to trace a shirt, it would be good if you have made a shirt, please feel free to contact us to discuss and make sure you are ready!)
Supply List:
Garment to copy
A container or push pins – like this
Or other ones okay too

That’s it. There are other supplies used during class that you may need to purchase for homework, unless you plan to come in to open studio to work on homework and use studio supplies. Erin does sell the other tools (rulers) if you need them. Rebekah will show you the items in the first class. You will also be using homasote board in class which is provided to use in class. It will remain at the studio. If you need to come to the studio to do homework for this class there is no charge. If you plan to do work at home you may need to purchase some of these supplies for use at home. Rebekah can discuss other options for at home as well!